Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What I'm looking at today.

I want to show you what I am frothing on. The latest issue of NO, a New Zealand magazine. It has beautiful photography, editorials and articles about up and coming creatives from all round. Also worth a look is the new issue of Oyster. Also has some amazing photography.

In Oyster there is an article about Marlene Marino, who takes very intimate portraits of women in their homes and private spaces. It's somehow so fascinating to see into the private lives of complete strangers, especially when they are depicted so beautifully and softly. I especially love her 'Sisters' series.

I'm also being heavily influenced by the work of John Pusateri, who uses mostly stone lithographs to create these amazingly detailed depictions of skulls and birds. There is such an eerie feeling to his works. Whilst reading about his work I came across the phrase 'momento mori' which means 'Remember your mortality'. A very interesting concept that I find myself constantly drawn to in my own work and the work of others.

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